Benjamin Titel



Benjamin Titel has an impressive record as an uncompromising, powerful, and cunning criminal defense lawyer for clients in and around the Bakersfield, California area. For over a decade, Mr. Titel has provided superior representation for his clients facing down some of the most challenging and frightening moments of their lives – delivering exceptional results in the process. As an attorney with the Martens & Brusseau Law Corporation, he has brought a tenacity, commitment, and elevated level of expertise for those seeking representation in criminal defense.

Graduating from two of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning, Brigham Young University, and Loyola Law School, Mr. Titel focused his attention on working with clients who were in dire need of quality representation. With his early work in civil matters, he knew his talent and passion for justice could make a bigger difference in the lives of those encountering criminal charges. Moved by the plight of individuals facing unimaginable impacts to their basic freedom, liberty, and livelihoods, Mr. Titel was drawn to criminal defense work.

By joining the Martens & Brusseau Law Corporation, Mr. Titel was able to pursue his passion for defending his clients under the scariest and overwhelming circumstances. After seeing the lengths to which government would go to in order to nail a conviction, Mr. Titel became more passionate than ever in his mission to provide outstanding representation for his clients. Understanding the short term and long term implications of a criminal conviction, he has earned a reputation as being a staunch supporter and defender of those in need – and has the track record to back up his talents.

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Titel possesses a wide array of experience, expertise, and skill that helps get his clients the results they deserve. With outstanding reviews, a highly aggressive approach, and an unsurpassed commitment to defending his clients through even the most challenging cases, Mr. Titel has been able to bring his clients hope, support, and vindication during their most trying times, and is committed to representing the people of Bakersfield for many years to come.



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