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Christopher Martens is criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his life to helping those who have been accused of crimes or injured due to the negligence of others. He founded The Law Office of Christopher Martens in 2005 and, since that time, has grown his practice into one of the most aggressive, reliable, and sought-after criminal defense, personal injury, and estate planning team in the state of California. Steadily throughout the years, Mr. Martens has built a robust and respected practice filled with outstanding attorneys and dedicated support staff fully committed to providing exceptional legal support and strong, compelling, and aggressive advocacy.

Mr. Martens is known for his passionate and unflinching representation of his clients under even the most harrowing circumstances. As a compassionate listener who empathizes with the fear, pain, grief, and frustration that his clients often experience when facing criminal charges, Mr. Martens has represented over 1,000 individuals facing the complex and overwhelming legal system – helping them reclaim their dignity, their peace of mind, and their hope in the future. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves to be treated civilly and with respect, Mr. Martens has developed a reputation for taking on clients that other lawyers have turned away – and delivering outstanding, compassionate, and carefully orchestrated legal defenses that other attorneys overlook.

As an aggressive trial attorney, criminal defense lawyer, and case litigator, Mr. Martens has represented clients in a variety of cases and scenarios, ranging from personal injury, criminal charges, and estate planning. Today, he has followed his first passion and narrowed his work to focus solely on protecting individuals who have been accused of a crime. Never afraid to go to trial, Mr. Martens has a remarkable track record and a vast sum of positive results for his clients. Mr. Martens has represented clients in a wide variety of criminal charges – from domestic violence to DUI, white collar crime to assault, drug charges to theft, and everything in between. Relying on his innate ability to create a solid defense that will positively represent his client under any circumstances, Mr. Martens prides himself on delivering superior representation and total commitment to every client – regardless of the crime. He believes to his core that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, and he is committed to helping his clients achieve the best results possible both in and outside of the courtroom.

For over fifteen years, Mr. Martens has provided uncompromising, hard-hitting, and fearless defense for those facing criminal charges in Tulare County, King County, and Fresno County. Today, Mr. Martens works exclusively in Visalia, but has expanded his team to include outstanding criminal defense, personal injury, and estate planning lawyers throughout the great state of California. By diversifying his team, Mr. Martens was able to focus his energy on his first passion: Criminal defense. Never having worked in a District Attorney’s office, Mr. Martens is uniquely qualified and fully unafraid to take any case to trial. His determination, experience, and phenomenal attention to detail has helped him clear the name of countless clients, get charges reduced, or dropped entirely. A fervent and persistent defender and master strategist, he often takes cases that other attorneys have walked away from.

What His Clients Say

While his impressive resume, court performance, and outstanding track record say a lot about the commitment, dedication, and passion Mr. Martens has for his work as a criminal defense attorney, it is what his clients have to say about his work that truly matters. With a superior star rating on AVOO, as well as countless glowing reviews from past clients, it is clear why the people of Visalia and the surrounding communities trust Christopher Martens to represent them when facing criminal charges. From his incredible courtroom results to his calming and direct communication skills, the reviews of his work are consistently complimentary and grateful. Whether it is a father who made a bad decision having one extra drink after a 16 hour shift at work, the wife of a man who was falsely accused due to identify theft, a scared young man who had made mistakes in his past, or a grateful mother who was able to hug her son on Christmas instead of looking at him through a glass panel in prison – one thing always remains the same: Mr. Martens ethical, respectful, and caring support and representation. Mr. Martens understands that each and every one of his clients are human beings facing unfathomably stressful and frightening circumstances. Choosing to always remember and focus on the humanity behind each of his clients is just one of the things that separates him from the rest of the criminal defense attorneys in California.

Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer. Tenacious Advocate.

For over fifteen years, Christopher Martens has dedicated his life to representing his clients with compassion, empathy, and dignity – all while delivering thorough, aggressive, and relentless representation for those facing criminal charges. Alongside his team of brilliant legal minds, The Law Office of Christopher Martens has helped thousands of individuals not only survive the overwhelming, frightening, and complex legal system – but reclaim their lives, dignity, and good name. Our team helps our clients make the most out of a second chance, protect their reputation, and end the nightmare of facing criminal charges.

Mr. Martens has never met a fight he wanted to back down from or a client he wouldn’t work hard for. He has never for a moment questioned his choice to represent clients facing criminal charges, because he believes in the sanctity of our legal system and each and every individual’s right to outstanding representation. The law isn’t his career – it is his calling. If you find yourself in need of support, reach out to Mr. Martens or his team at The Law Offices of Christopher Martens today.