James Brusseau



James Brusseau is a highly experienced, aggressive, and results-driven trial lawyer serving the people of Fresno and Visalia, California. For over three years, Mr. Brusseau has labored in the trenches as a trial attorney in the Law Office of Christopher Martens; standing up for his clients and seeking justice in an often-chaotic world. As a highly sought-after trial lawyer with an outstanding record in the courtroom, he believes in providing superior representation, tireless advocacy, and a relentless commitment to achieving justice for his clients. Representing individuals in a variety of criminal, civil, or personal injury matters, Mr. Brusseau is committed to successfully resolving his client's legal situations in a quick, efficient, and effective manner.

From a young age, Mr. Brusseau felt he was called to defend those in need of help. Seeking a career in law was less of an occupational pursuit and more of a calling. Specializing as a trial attorney, he was quickly recognized as a great up and coming talent in the criminal defense field. To date, he has helped redeem the reputation and quality of life for countless clients.

During his time with the Law Office of Christopher Martens, he has handled hundreds of criminal cases that often went to trial – accumulating invaluable experience, acumen, and knowledge that continues to help him grow and thrive as a trial attorney. Through these years of honing his skills, Mr. Brusseau has achieved outstanding results for his clients – often relieving them of the nightmare that is associated with their legal scenario.

From personal injury cases to criminal trials, police misconduct to civil rights cases, and nearly anything in between – Mr. Brusseau has a proven track record of outstanding outcomes and undeniable results. Boasting a perfect rating and rave reviews from past clients, Mr. Brusseau continues to work hard to seek a fair and just outcome for his clients, regardless of their circumstances or situation. He believes in the right to a fair trial, quality representation, and an opportunity for redemption. As an associate and manager at the Law Office of Christopher Martens, Mr. Brusseau has been able to provide hope, help, and expertise to a wide assortment of clients in need of superior representation, and is committed to serving those within the Visalia and Fresno area for decades to come.



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