Tahir Cheema



Joining the Martens & Brusseau Law Corporation in 2020, Tahir Cheema brings a personal passion for providing superior representation for individuals and families facing potential criminal charges, personal injury cases, or contentious civil matters. Helping clients in the Fresno and Hanford regions in California, Mr. Cheema delivers a well-rounded, assertive, and knowledgeable approach to law that helps his clients outstanding results and the best possible outcomes.

Mr. Cheema comes to the Martens & Brusseau Law Corporation by way of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. Focusing on criminal defense law, personal injury representation, and estate planning, Mr. Cheema brings a high level of attention and commitment to every case he works on. He believes that whether his client is facing a traffic infraction on the basic state level, been arrested for a federal crime, is the victim of a terrible car accident, or needs representation in a messy estate case, each and every client he works with deserves the same level of respect, commitment, and dedication.

Drawn to this line of work at an early age, Mr. Cheema has seen the emotional toll and social pressure that comes with being accused of a crime or protecting your personal property. It is his mission to ensure his clients not only receive exceptional representation in the courtroom and outstanding results, but he is also committed to representing his clients in a way that makes them feel protected, supported, and care for. Mr. Cheema is steadfast in his belief that every individual deserves a fair trial and strong representation. From challenging evidence to building a robust defense, he is fully committed to helping his clients achieve that best possible outcome.

In addition to his outstanding record in the courtroom, Mr. Cheema is widely known as an accomplished negotiator, a tireless investigator, and an intelligent legal professional. During his time representing clients in the Fresno and Hanford regions, he has helped his clients redeem their dignity, regain their pride, and clear their name from a variety of criminal charges. He looks forward to a long and prosperous career with the Martens & Brusseau Law Corporation and helping his clients know that even in their darkest moments – they are not alone.



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