What is Kidnapping?

What is Kidnapping?

If you are charged with Kidnaping the Fresno Defense Lawyer can help you fight the charges, here is what you need to know. Kidnaping is using fear or force to move someone a “substantial distance” without their consent. The movement must be more than a slight or trivial distance.

Kidnapping PC 207(a) Penal Code 207(a)

The People must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. The defendant took, held, or detained another person by using force or by instilling reasonable fear;
  2. Using that force or fear, the defendant moved the other person a substantial distance;
  3. The other person did not consent to the movement

Substantial distance means more than a slight or trivial distance. In deciding whether the distance was substantial, you must consider all the circumstances relating to the movement.

If you are charged with kidnaping you are facing a seriouse charge. The Fresno Criminal Defense attorney can help you fight the criminal charges against you in Tulare or Fresno County courts. You need a defense attorney that can fight for your rights.

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