So-Called "DUI Symptoms" Can Indicate All Sorts of Non-DUI Conditions

Getting stopped for driving under the influence (DUI) can be a nervy, anxiety-producing event. The fear has a basis in reality. A conviction for DUI can lead to JAIL TIME as well as to a license suspension, strict probation terms, forced alcohol education classes, legal fees, court fees, inflated insurance rates, and INDIRECT CONSEQUENCES for your personal and business life, such as job loss.

But you want to know: WERE you actually DUI? The police use a variety of tests to determine the answer, including breath tests, blood tests, urine tests, and field sobriety tests. They also look for so-called "symptoms" of a DUI, such as bloodshot eyes, watery eyes, odor of alcohol on the breath, lack of coordination, and belligerent or incoherent responses to officer enquires. The problem is that these so-called "symptoms" can indicate other conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes and certain diets can produce chemicals on your breath that can fool a breathalyzer test into thinking that you've been drinking, when you haven't been;
  • A long night studying (or partying) can give you bloodshot, watery eyes or make you sound incoherent to an officer, even if you've had zero to drink;
  • Nervousness, sickness or even a genetic disease can cause you to lose your balance or demonstrate lack of coordination to an officer, who may mistake your "symptoms" for DUI symptoms.

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