3 Horrendous Consequences of Your California DUI That You Haven't Considered

Your DUI charges are keeping you awake at night,

Ever since you saw those headlights in your rearview mirror and heard the blare of police sirens, you haven't been able to concentrate or think about your life, business or relationships. You know you need to engage in emergency measures to protect your freedom, STAY OUT OF JAIL and make amends to those you hurt (either in the accident or indirectly as a result of the arrest). Here are THREE ADDITIONAL DUI CONSEQUENCES that could ruin your life:

1. Damage to intimate relationships.

A DUI arrest and conviction can easily lead to a romantic break up or job loss. Your significant other may stay made by your side, but make no mistake: the arrest, defense and potential conviction and jail time will take their toll on the relationships in your life.

2. Damage to your self esteem.

The way we see ourselves in the world has dramatic effects on how much money we earn, how successful our relationships are, and what we accomplish in the short time we have on this planet. If you start to think of yourself as a "DUI convict," that mental image can throw off your inner mental game and cause you to achieve less, enjoy life less, and struggle more.

3. Isolation and lack of mobility.

The license suspension can be crushing. If you can't drive around to see friends, go to work, attend school, and attend functions, you will be more cut off from the world. That isolation can be bad for your health, your relationships and your earning power.

Fortunately, these "ghosts of DUI future" are not inevitable. Our team can aggressively defend you at your first court appearance at the Visalia Court at 221 South Mooney Boulevard in Visalia California or at Porterville Court at 300 East Olive in Porterville, California.