On the Verge of Losing Your California Pharmacy License Because of a Felony Charge?

As a California pharmacist, you spend a lot of time with patients, doctors and other stakeholders in the medical process. You love what you do, but you've recently been arrested on scary felony, theft, drug or alcohol charges. You want to avoid jail time, SAVE YOUR LICENSE, and protect your dignity and reputation. What should you do? What should you avoid doing?

Avoid Doing:

  • Talking about your case with friends, family members, co-workers, etc. You're already in enough trouble. Don't recruit more people into your drama. Instead, immediately find a qualified California criminal defense attorney who has worked with pharmacists like you who've been charged with serious crimes.
  • Dilly-dallying. The longer you wait to get legal assistance, the more challenging it will be to compile evidence that you need to clear your name and win back your freedom.
  • Panicking. Sure, thoughts of going to jail and losing your license and not being able to feed your family can keep you up at night. But panicking without taking action will just make you stressed without actually relieving the root cause of that stress.


  • Collect evidence that might be useful in your defense, such as recollections of what happened, when, to whom, and why as well as physical documents or computer files.
  • Rest and take care of yourself. Now is NOT the time to sleep four hours a day, chain smoke cigarettes and eat junk food. You need to be at your best and bring your A game. That means you need to eat well, de-stress, and breathe.
  • Stop engaging any activities that could be considered criminal or dubious. Don't dig your hole deeper!

Call attorney Christopher Martens to help you fight and win your California pharmacy criminal charges immediately for a free consultation about what to do next.