Getting a DUI - A Nightmare If You Have to Drive to Work or School

Perhaps a police officer in Fresno busted you at a checkpoint, after you stumbled during the walk the line test. Or maybe you found yourself in handcuffs, after an injury accident on the 5 or on a nearby surface street. In either case, you desperately want to avoid jail time and massive fines and all the other nasty consequences of DUI that we've discussed on this blog ad nauseam.

GOING TO JAIL IS NO FUN. But there are subtler reasons why you should be worried.

In fact, jail may be the LEAST of your concerns. Here's a far bigger (although less obvious) problem: the state might strip you of your driver’s license for months or a year or even longer, depending on the circumstances of the arrest/accident and your past criminal history.

How will you be able to drive to work without a car? How will you drop off your kids at school and pick them up? How will you do errands, engage in social activities, and so forth?

Unless you live in heart of San Francisco, where public transportation is easy to access and abundant, your life may become a logistical nightmare as a result of the license suspension. This isn't to say that jail is a picnic. It’s no fun to be behind bars, even for a few days. But the pain of not being able to drive is chronic and gnawing; it adds up over the time.

Fortunately, a license suspension is NOT YET a fate accompli for you. Call our aggressive, experienced DUI defense team. Mr. Martens will be there at 501 East King Street in Avenal, California (or wherever he needs to be) to fight your suspension and help you battle back.