Will Your DUI Cost You Your Doctor's License AND Your Driver's License?

Maybe you're a family doctor in Fresno who made a bad judgment one night after partying in the Tower District. Now you face a felony DUI charge, because you hit someone and hurt him. California Vehicle Code Section 23153 – the injury DUI section – elevates standard misdemeanor charges to felonies. In addition to serving jail time (potentially more than a YEAR BEHIND BARS for each injury), you may face mandatory alcohol school and probation, massive fines and fees, the loss of your driver’s license AND the loss of your physician’s license.

To put that in clearer terms: because of your DUI, you may no longer be able to practice medicine. You may be stripped of your legal right to help people who are sick.

This can happen if you get more than one misdemeanor DUI or just a SINGLE felony DUI.

Think about what that means! It’s not just your life and career at risk. The lives and futures of your patients (and their families) are ALSO at risk. Because if you can’t practice medicine, you can’t help people, and your ability to contribute positively to society is greatly diminished.

So what can you do? How can you fight back against the charges, protect your career and, most importantly, ensure that you can continue to serve patients and keep them well?

The journey begins by calling an aggressive, effective DUI defense attorney. Mr. Martens fights relentlessly on behalf of his clients, and he can help you keep your dignity, your license, and your freedom.