Applying for a Certificate of Rehabilitation

After you've committed a crime and have paid your debt to society, you may be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation. A Certificate of Rehabilitation does not mean your crime is erased from the record or even sealed. A Certificate of Rehabilitation can't erase the fact that you were convicted of a crime but it can be powerful documentation that can improve your chances of living a normal life. For that reason, it is worth working for but it is important you understand just what it is and what benefits it might provide to you. Every case is different and there is a serious application process so there is a lot of room for discretion on the part of the court. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney help you through this process can increase your chances of being granted a Certificate of Rehabilitation because an attorney can make sure your application represents you in the best possible light. Basically, a Certificate of Rehabilitation demonstrates that you have been rehabilitated from your crime or criminal ways. To make this determination, a judge will have to hear your story and might request character or psychological references. The benefits of having a Certificate of Rehabilitation are plentiful; depending on the offense, you may not have to register as a sex offender anymore, you may not be automatically denied in scenarios where a prior felony conviction normally would and you may even be granted a Governor's Pardon, as the Certificate acts as an application for.

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