Family Pets and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects all members of a household. Family pets are now mainstream members in many family households. Family pets are also at risk when domestic violence occurs. People sometimes let their anger out on the family pet and while this may deflect anger away from the other family members, it can be psychologically hard for some people to watch. A Domestic Violence Restraining Order can include stipulations about not harming family pets. This is so the pet can be unharmed but also so the pet's owner feels less threatened by the offender. In California, pets can be included in protection or restraining orders as protected members of the family. As with any other protected person listed in a restraining order, the restrained person would need to stay away from the family pet or have limited, supervised visitation with it. Violating this part of the order is considered as any other violation: contempt of court. If you have a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against you and there is a family pet involved, make sure you know the scope of domestic violence laws and that you follow the order closely. Not everyone considers an animal a family member but even if this is how you feel, you still have to obey the order. If you have violated that specific part of your order, if you have had contact or negative contact with the family pet, contact an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable on domestic violence matters today to discuss your options if a contempt of court charge is filed against you. Maybe you had a negative interaction with a notoriously violent family pet or the pet came to you despite your best efforts to stay away. The circumstance of the violation matters and knowing how to best explain this circumstance can help you walk away without a contempt charge.

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