Online Harassment: Be Careful What You Post

Just like how violence can happen online, harassment can to. This is probably one of he better known evils of the internet. It is sometimes just easier to say what you want to say or do what you want to do online. While this can be good in some circumstances, if you have been accused of online harassment, you probably regret crossing the line. As internet usage has gone up, the space to harass has too. Unfortunately, harassment online is not considered a lesser crime, despite the less threatening context. Harassment can be composed of several things. Online, stalking, threats or words used to harm another is considered civil harassment. If this person were a close family member or someone you have been or are in a relationship with, it would be considered domestic violence. With severe harassment cases and domestic violence cases, a restraining order can be pressed against you for online harassment. To be safe and avoid ever having to be accused of online harassment, don't post or send threats to anyone you have a conflict with, don't make joke threats that could be taken seriously, don't continually try to contact someone who does not want to interact with you and don't say anything that could harm or hurt someone, especially if you have a case open. If you feel like your words or actions online have been judged unfairly and you are now being accused of harassment, consult with an experienced attorney today to discuss your case options. There are always two sides to a story and your story has a right to be told.

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