Rape and False Allegations

Sexual offenses can have contexts that escape the purview of the penal system, making the fairness and justness of a ruling subject to the uncertainty of hearsay. Under California state law you can still face criminal charges for rape even if you were wrongfully accused, if you can't prove your innocence. There have been cases where the accused was convicted of a rape crime based off of false allegations. As sex crimes often bring an emotional tone to criminal proceedings, it is important to have an attorney by your side that is experience in sexual crime defense, to ensure the best possible case outcome. Sex crimes can have dramatic repercussions, like having to register has a sex offender under PC 290 or being prevented from working or volunteering in schools. Sex crimes are taken seriously by not just the penal system but society at large so it is crucial you be aware of the law to avoid making mistakes with dire consequences. Don't let the serious consequences of a rape charge discourage you; with the right defense, you can ensure your voice is heard and that the case is fairly and justly ruled upon. A skilled criminal defense attorney will know what elements of your case you can leverage in court and can inform you on the full scope of rape law. If the allegations against you are untrue or not accurate, you may have reason to challenge the charges in court. Knowing the system is a great advantage in a court of law and having knowledgeable counsel on your side can increase your chances of unfair charges being dropped.

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