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Can I Resolve My Case Before Trial?

Posted by Christopher Martens | Nov 09, 2016 | 0 Comments

Reducing the Risk

Criminal trials are high risk. No matter how good a case you think you have, there is still a chance a jury will convict you. Not surprisingly, many defendants try to resolve their cases before trial. Many are successful, but these defendants often have legal representation. If you are facing an upcoming trial for criminal charges, you should speak with a California criminal defense attorney who has trial experience. An attorney can provide you with information relevant to your specific case and inform you of your rights. In the meantime, here are a few things you should know about criminal trials in California and how to resolve your case before reaching trial:

Many criminal cases are resolved before trial. The California criminal justice system handles a large volume of cases; judges are often motivated to resolve cases before trial. This keeps cases moving through the system. This is often in the interests of the court and could work out to your advantage as well.

Trials take resources. A criminal trial will cost you time and money. Criminal trials can last a day or several weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. Though you have a right to a speedy trial protected under the Sixth Amendment, agreeing to a plea bargain before trial helps you move on from your case even sooner. Trials also cost the courts time and money. Neither party wants this. Use this to your advantage, and save yourself and the court time and money.

Innocent people can still be convicted at trial. Just because you have a good case doesn't mean you will be exonerated at trial. Remember, in many cases, a jury will be deciding whether you are guilty or not guilty. Juries are comprised of a random segment of the population, controlled for certain factors. Each juror has his or her own opinions and predispositions. The jurors won't necessarily side with you. Juries have been known to convict innocent people. There is just no telling what will happen to you if your case goes to trial, and the majority of criminal defendants are found to be guilty at trial. This doesn't mean you have no chance, but it does mean you should think carefully about whether trial is a good idea. For some defendants, trial is the right choice. For others, resolving the case before reaching trial is the best thing to do.

Trials are complicated. Never try to face a criminal trial without an experienced criminal trial attorney. There are many steps in the trial process, and you will be held accountable for following these steps and abiding by the court's rules of procedure. You will also need to argue your side of the case without risking self-incrimination. You may need to confront a witness or present a piece of evidence that proves your innocence. Navigating the trial process is very difficult without legal guidance. A criminal defense attorney will be an investment, but one that may be able to convince the court to drop the charges, saving you the cost of trial. This is one reason why so many people attempt to resolve their cases before trial. Resolving your case before trial means more certainty and less expense. And, if you do plan to go to trial, making the investment in a criminal trial attorney can mean the difference between a guilty and a not-guilty verdict.

A Good Investment

Criminal cases differ from civil cases in that you cannot settle your case with money. In this respect, it is up to the discretion of the judge whether or not your case resolves before trial. If you enlist the right help, however, you can have a better chance of successful pre-trial steps that could include a plea bargain. Don't risk it all in trial. If you are facing criminal charges in California and your case is heading to trial, speak with an attorney about what you can do to resolve your criminal case before going to trial. Doing so can save you the significant costs of trial and provide more certainty in your case.

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