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If you are being investigated by law enforcement or have been charged with a sex offense in Visalia or in the surrounding California counties of Tulare, Kings, or Fresno, you will want to be thoroughly and aggressively represented as soon as possible. Even the mere accusation of a sex crime can have devastating consequences on your job or career, personal relationships, and social standing. Sex crimes carry a social stigma that can follow you for the rest of your life, most especially if you are convicted of a crime for which mandatory registration as a sex offender is required.

At the beginning of any investigation into sexual misconduct, you should immediately contact the Visalia sex crimes attorney at the Martens Law Firm. Mr. Martens and his firm will work diligently on your behalf to minimize charges and penalties. Furthermore, Mr. Martens and Mr. Titel are experienced trial lawyers who have the negotiation and courtroom skills to aggressively defend you through all phases of a sex offense case.

Sex Offenses

Sex offenses include all types of criminal sexual activity, such as indecent exposure, lewd conduct, rape, date rape, statutory rape, lewd acts with a child, possession or distribution of child pornography, solicitation or engaging in prostitution, sexual assault/battery, and child molestation. These are serious crimes, most of which are charged as felonies. The decision of how the crime is charged is made by the prosecutor on the case.

Many felony sex offenses are punishable by maximum prison sentences of 8 years for each act committed and include sex offender registration. Failure to register as a sex offender where required by law is also a separate sex offense. Sex offender registration is accessible to the public, meaning that your future neighbors, employers, and others can access the information concerning your conviction, which can seriously impact your ability to find housing, employment, and more. Because of the severe consequences involved in a sex offense conviction, your case should be handled by an attorney who knows his way around a courtroom and who has a proven track record in criminal defense.

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