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Domestic violence refers to one partner in a marital or romantic/intimate relationship being abused by the other partner. It is one of the most terrible and significant social dilemmas recognized by non- governmental and governmental agencies. Normally, in a relationship, women are subjected to domestic violence more frequently than men are; however, it doesn't mean that the male gender does not undergo any harm or pain due to this issue. Often Male Victims of Domestic Violence are under reported due to Bias in Visalia Police in taking reports and Bias in the Visalia District Attorneys office in how they file charges against men.  Male victims of domestic Violence in Visalia California often assume that they will not be taken seriously by the Visalia police department so they are hesitant to call and report these crime.   It's fair to say that in many instances when men do call to report domestic violence they are then arrested by the Visalia police, eager to close the case with a quick arrest. 

In recent times, more men than women are being victimized by domestic violence. In the U.S., around 3.2 million men and 1.9 million women are physically abused every year and around 7.4 percent men and about 22.1 percent women undergo domestic violence inflicted by their ex-spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, cohabiting partner or a date. These statistics correspond to the data pertinent to domestic violence collected in 2000.

According to a NISVS survey carried out in 2001, it was discovered that around 21.6 percent of male domestic violence victims were threatened by their female counterparts with a dagger or knife, which is far more than the 12.7 percent of female victims who were threatened in a similar manner.

Another NISVS survey in 2011 reported that 41.7 percent victims of harsh physical abuse were men. Around 4,741,000 women were subjected to physical abuse in the past year, of which 66.7 percent were beaten harshly and about 4.3 percent of the male victims were treated in a similar manner. Although this number of male victims is smaller compared to that of women, it is still quite significant compared to that during the 1980s and 1990s.

The ever-increasing problem of domestic violence is due to the lack of education and comprehension of the rights of an individual in a relationship. 

The definition of domestic violence and everything that this subject encompasses. You will find out the acts that are included in domestic violence and those that must not be construed as domestic violence. It also informs you about the consequences you would have to bear if you back someone who is a victim of domestic violence. In addition to that, you would also find out some of the common domestic violence crimes, consequences of defending an innocent person in a domestic violence crime and resulting scenarios if you had decided to support someone who wasn't innocent.

What should a victim do? Should they press charges or not? These are few of the questions that will be answered in this part.

Are you a victim of domestic violence in Visalia, California?  What are the characteristics of a person victimized by sexual or physical abuse, what problems do victims experience, and how and why a victim can refuse to testimony for this crime. Secondly, you would find out what questions you need to ask a person to confirm that they were subjected to domestic violence, what importance does asking the right questions have and what can happen if you forget to ask a significant question. You would also find out what problems do immigrants subjected to this problem face and the penalties imposed by the State of California on the criminals involved in a domestic violence case. Finally, the book will be concluded by laying emphasis on the significant points of the topic.

Our attorneys in Visalia California will equip you with all the information you need for defending a victim in a domestic violence case and for educating people about their rights.

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