Penal Code 273d


Penal Code 273d  Penal Code Child Abuse

“Penal Code 273d makes it a crime to inflict "corporal punishment or injury" on a child if it was "cruel or inhuman" and caused an injury {even a slight injury). California child abuse laws allow a parent reasonable latitude to spank a child, but draw the line where the punishment is cruel or injures the child.”

With being a parent, comes very high expectations in terms of societal pressure and those from your child too. The best way to groom your child is by forming an effective and honest communication with him or her. Since most parents are working, children may feel neglected or stressed out, if they are not getting adequate attention that they think they deserve. In such a case, the parents may react harshly and lead to disrupted parent-child relationships. In California, the laws related to child abuse are strict and they happen to limit the ways adopted by parents to groom their child. With that, these laws ensure maximum security for your child.

According to the specified Penal Code of domestic violence, if a parent inflicts physical injury or abuse over his or her child as a means of punishment, or to refrain the child from adopting a dangerous action, then the parent is in serious trouble and will be charged as a convict. The accused may also have to suffer jail time for using “physical violence” against the child. Emotional violence is ruled out in this kind of Penal Code and it is referred to in another law.

The following are generally considered acts of physical abuse on your child, according to the specified Penal Code and the accuser will suffer serious criminal convictions for it:

  • Hitting a child in a way that leaves a mark
  • Fighting physically with your child leaving marks and/or bruises
  • Using a belt to beat a child in an attempt to discipline him/her

With that, if you think your child is wrongly accusing you of domestic violence, there are ways in which you can turn the criminal convictions away and get a favorable statement from the court. With so many laws that restrict the way in which you groom your child, many miscommunications follow. Teenagers, going through an array of emotions and resentment at this tender age, are more likely to press charges on their parents, which may or may not apply to them. To avoid charges in a case where you believe you are being wrongly accused, discuss it with your attorney. The attorney will look into the evidence with critical analysis to determine whether the Penal Code for child abuse applies to the parent or not.

In case a parent is charged with a misdemeanor for violating child abuse laws of this Penal Code

  • One year in jail

In case a parent is charged with a Felony for violating child abuse laws of this Penal Code

  • Six years in prison

In case, a parent has a previous history of child abuse and is accused with this Penal Code

  • More than six years in prison



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