Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney Christopher MartensIn America, people are free to choose what to do with their wealth upon death. After taxes and other debts, an attorney will distribute the remaining assets according to the agreed upon wishes of the deceased. In this respect, estate planning is an exercise of complete freedom. Martens Law Firm helps Californians protect their estates.

All manner of property, from homes to cars to jewelry, can be documented and accounted for. Then when the time comes, the firm will stand ready to help the client make the most of their investments. It is always a prime objective to increase wealth. Everyone wants to leave their relatives, loved ones and friends in a better position. Proper estate planning, available here at Martens Law Firm, is a means of doing just that.

Many people know about wills and powers of attorney. Martens Law Firm has experience in both of those areas. We can also help clients make charitable donations. It has become popular to donate portions of an estate to a worthy cause. Some Californians want to help improve access to education. They can do so by allocating financial resources to a college scholarship. It is even possible to have the academic institution name the award in honor of someone, perhaps a family member. Regardless of what organization they choose, clients can put their estate to work for social good.

It is important to remember that everyone has an estate. Gone are the days when only the ultra rich came in to discus their estates with attorneys. The Martens Law Firm is located in Visalia California and serves California‚Äôs Central Valley and California’s Central Coast and wants to help all in the area prepare estates and protect assets. Just contact our lawyer today to set up a consultation. Proper estate planning advice is now available to everyone.