Living Wills & Healthcare Directives

Living Wills Attorney Christopher MartensIt is a fact that nobody knows when they will die. If they did, people would better prepare for the event. As it is, the dying have little control over the situation. Some are incapacitated. They cannot speak and make declarations. Yes, the individual may have a last will and testament. This document will become effective once they pass way. The problem is that while still alive the will has no real power.

A living will and healthcare directive solves the problem presented in the above scenario. This legal document informs the world just what medical decisions the patient desires in the case they cannot speak. It is a means of avoiding the frustration and uncertainty when family members must decide about certain medical procedures. There are cases when such relatives make an error, causing the patient to live with the mistake. A living will could have prevented such a catastrophe.

Doctors will look for a family member to serve as caregiver. This person will have to make all the important decisions while their loved one is incapacitated. Quite often, the stress proves overwhelmingly. They begin making bad decisions or agreeing with anything the doctor recommends. The wishes of the patient no longer matter, it seems. A living will is needed.

There are various titles given to the person assigned the duties under a living will. Nevertheless, their role is clear. They are the voice of the voiceless. It is their job to protect the medical interests of the patient. Once the patient is well, the powers granted under the living will again lie dormant.

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