Marital Trust

Marital Trust Attorney Christopher MartensMarriage is a serious commitment. Those whose decide to get married usually want the best for their surviving spouse and children. It is important to know that if something happens to them, the family will continue to have their needs taken care of. No household provider wants to believe that after they pass, their family will have to endure hard times. Yet, that is the case for many. These families fail to set up the right kinds of estate protections to ensure wealth into the future. That is why Martens Law Firm is here to help California couples plan for continued prosperity.

A marital trust can help a couple secure financial assets. Clients come to Martens Law to set up a marital trust when they want to provide financial resources for their spouse and children. These beneficiaries will be able to live off the assets if all goes well.

This kind of trust is also a prohibition against a second spouse. The law prevents the new spouse from obtaining any rights to the property. Only the former wife or husband and the children can access the funds. Marital trusts provide the assurance that many want. They do not want a second spouse to live off their hard work.

The surviving spouse is usually the recipient of the benefits. They may receive general distributions at regular intervals. They may also receive special distributions, only for specific purposes. The lawyer at Martens Law will discuss with clients the best option for them.

Anyone who wants to secure the future of their family should consider a marital trust. Just visit Martens Law, located in Visalia California, and serving California‚Äôs Central Valley and California’s Central Coast, for more details. The compassionate attorney will help decide which estate planning tools to use to suit the needs of the family.