Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer

Multi-Generational Wealth TransferPassing along wealth to future generations is something every household provider should desire to do. However, the sad reality is that in many families, all the wealth created in a particular generation is gone within the next two. The children and grandchildren wind up with little or nothing to show for all the hard work of their family members. They have to start all over again trying to accumulate some family wealth. Some never succeed because society has become more competitive. Everyone can use a head start in life. Martens Law Firm clients can rest assured that our lawyer has the skills to help them pass on wealth for multiple generations.

Families fail to understand the need to discuss the best legal financial tools to secure their futures. Instead, some believe money a taboo subject. Silence helps no one. Instead, a few generations later, the wealth is gone.

Children often misunderstood conditions placed on trusts and other mechanisms to pass along wealth. They may believe that their parents think them untrustworthy. For this reason, and others, communication is key. Parents must discuss the reason for placing stipulations on assets. The lawyer at the Martens Law Firm helps clients learn how to discuss estate planning with the entire family. Once everyone understands that the purpose of the financial instruments is to secure all of their futures, things usually proceed much more smoothly.

Anyone who wants to secure the future of their family should consult with Martens Law, located in Visalia California, and serving California‚Äôs Central Valley and California’s Central Coast. The lawyer has the experience to facilitate communication among family members who need to know how to pass along wealth for multiple generations. Do not become a negative statistic; instead, join the ranks of the successful American families who have longstanding wealth.