Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust AttorneyIt can be difficult having a loved one with special needs. Whether this person has a mental, emotional or physical disability, they will require special consideration. They may be of majority age, yet unable to make certain decisions on their own.

The last thing any parent or guardian wants is for someone to take advantage of this person. Yet, it is often the case that unscrupulous parties are able to take advantage of disabled people financially. The lawyer at the Martens Law Firm has the ability to protect loved ones from this possibility.

A special needs trust is a primary legal tool to secure the assets of someone who cannot take care of themselves. Our lawyer designs these trusts to provide the maximum benefits for the disabled. In many cases, those with disabilities cannot work. They need a lifetime of income. The trust may not have enough funds to totally secure their future. Our lawyer can help ensure that the person receives regular benefit payments and government assistance, as needed.

A family member may be appointed the “executor” of the trust. This person will oversee the allocation of funds. They will ensure that proper investments create more wealth for the future. In other cases, the courts may assign a professional executor. This individual will handle the same function as the family member above, yet report more frequently to the state. The overriding goal is to ensure that the special needs person has income to survive.

The Martens Law Firm is located in Visalia, California. We serve California’s Central Valley and Central Coast. Our lawyer is dedicated to helping families protect their members with special needs. Sadly, there are those who would take from people they know do not have the capacity to stop them. A special needs trust is a way to prevent this occurrence from happening to a loved one.