Wealth Transfer Planning

Wealth Transfer Planning Attorney Christopher MartensTransferring large sums of money or other assets to another person must be done with care. There are lots of legal considerations of which the average person is unaware. They can wind up losing much of their assets to taxes. Others face regulatory fines for transferring wealth inappropriately. It is even possible to find oneself in serious legal problems if the authorities suspect improprieties. Most experts will agree that retaining legal counsels is always best before transferring wealth.

The tax laws are ever changing. This fact alone makes a lawyer necessary. It is our job to ensure that clients remain within the rules when transferring wealth. The government scrutinizes such financial activity closely to catch those trying to hide assets. Even people who have no desire to engage in malfeasance must be careful. The high level of governmental vigilance means even seemingly innocuous wealth transfers may be investigated, causing funds to be frozen. Always work closely with our experiences lawyer at Martens Law to ensure compliance with all regulations.

One primary means of wealth transfer is through a trust. The money is set aside for use according to the wishes of the creator. A portion of the trust can be in the form of a gift. Martens Law clients can fund their trust with cash, stocks, bonds, real estate and anything else of value.

Our attorney helps clients reach their goals. Every wealth transfer should have a definite purpose. Just how will the trust, for example, positively affect the beneficiaries? Once the lawyer knows what the client wants, the pair can design the wealth transfer in the best manner to achieve the intended objective.

Hard-working people deserve to see their wealth preserved in the means they so choose. Martens Law Firm, located in Visalia California and serving California‚Äôs Central Valley and California’s Central Coast, has the experience to help clients succeed at wealth transfer planning.