Martens Law Firm WillsA will delineates the wishes of the deceased upon their passing. This legal document allocates surviving assets to those whom the deceased so desires. Stocks, bonds, vehicles, jewelry and cash are all valuable. Family members will need to know that to do with them. The lawyer at the Martens Law Firm helps clients draft legally binding wills that leave no doubt as to the intentions.

A main reason for drafting a will is to avoid the unfortunate fighting that occurs among family members. When someone dies, there is a period of grief. Then, it comes time to divide the remaining property of the dearly departed. The arguments begin. Everyone wants to keep something, it seems. Yet, how do family members know who deserves what? Without a will, they have no clue. A will prevents this sort of problem. Rather than in-fighting, there can be peace.

Wills also help secure the future of the family. Having the wealth divided equitably among the members is better than one person wresting control from the others. Everyone has a chance to make wise investments. They can take their assets and increase the family wealth. In the best case scenario, the family is able to pass along the wealth for generations. The most successful American families operate in this manner.

Last, a will prevents the authorities from deciding how to allocate estates. Individuals can usually better decide who deserves what. The state will use rigid formulas to divide property. Many people leave the probate process embittered. Avoid this possibility by writing a will.

The lawyer at the Martens Law Firm helps create wills that protect the future of families in California. Located in Visalia, California and serving California‚Äôs Central Valley and California’s Central Coast, Martens Law is here to help make life better for its clients.