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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara

Our Santa Barbara criminal defense attorneys represent clients facing felony, misdemeanor, and infraction offenses throughout the county. Our local law office is located at 21 E. Carrillo Street is in the heart of downtown San Antonio. Santa Barbara, California 93105

Our criminal defense attorneys serve the following cities and towns: Ballard, Guadalupe, Toro Canyon, Lompoc, Mission Canyon, Los Alamos, Los Olivos, Montecito, Mission Hills, Santa Maria, Isla Vista, Carpinteria, Santa Ynez Valley, Solvang, Summerland, and Vandenberg Village.

Our legal services also include reducing felony cases to misdemeanors, the defense of claims of parole and probation violations, and the pursuit of record expungements.

Santa Barbara Jail

The Santa Barbara Police Department is responsible for most law enforcement inside the city borders. However, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, reported offenses in surrounding counties are investigated by the department's control center in Camarillo, Ventura, Ojai, Oxnard, Filmore, and Frazier Park, and Thousand Oaks.

The Santa Barbara County Main Jail is located at the following address:

4436 Calle Real in Santa Barbara, California 93110 (805) 681-4260.

At the Main Jail, police and sheriff's deputies from the Santa Barbara Police Department and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department are welcome to make bookings, and officers from the California Highway Patrol and University Of California Police Department.

Santa Barbara Court

Criminal trials in Santa Barbara are heard at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, located in the city of Santa Barbara.

1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101 

Process of the criminal justice system

An arrest is the starting point for the majority of criminal proceedings. After that, there is a good chance that the defendant will be eligible for bail or released on his or her recognizance. Recognizance If the district attorney decides to proceed with the prosecution, the court will schedule an arraignment, the formal reading of criminal charges in front of a judge.

Defendants are compelled to appear at their arraignments unless they engage a private attorney to represent them at their arraignments. Defendants are obliged to appear in person in some cases even if they have retained private legal representation, but this is not always the case.

A warrant for the defendant's arrest is likely to be granted if the defendant fails to appear in court. These defendants can then be detained and brought before a court of law at any moment. To have bench warrants remembered, defense attorneys must first file what is known as a "move to quash" with the court and then argue for the recall during a court hearing. Defendants who cannot pay for their legal representation will be assigned a private attorney.

It is usually preferable for defendants to hire private counsel rather than relying on public defense services in criminal proceedings. It is because private attorneys have the time and resources to put up the most effective defense feasible for their clients.

The majority of the cases are never brought to trial. Instead, prosecutors and defense attorneys attempt to reach a negotiated settlement through mediation. Most of the time, prosecutors are willing to reduce or even dismiss criminal charges for the defendant paying a fee and potentially enrolling in a training program. When a matter goes to trial, the prosecutor has the duty of proving the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

If a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a crime or is found guilty after a trial, the court will impose a criminal sentence on the offender.

Our Central California DUI and criminal defense attorneys represent clients throughout California, including the Central Coast and Central Valley.



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