Symptoms of Domestic Violence


Understanding the Symptoms of Domestic Violence

Let's take a look at the different signs and symptoms of domestic violence that signify an act of domestic violence.

  • Disrespect: This includes putting the victim down or lowering their morale in front of others, not listening to them when they talk to you, interrupting their telephone calls, forcefully taking money from their purse without getting their permission and refusing to help them with housework or
  • Verbal Abuse and Destructive Criticism: These are all those different acts that are used for verbally abusing a person to inflict destructive harm on their personality. It includes mocking, accusing, shouting, name-calling and verbal
  • Pressure Tactics: These include the different acts that are used for pressurizing the These include threatening to withhold money, sulking, disconnecting the telephone, taking the car or any other vehicle away, trying to commit suicide, taking kids away, reporting to the welfare agencies until you obey their demands regarding nurturing the kids, lying to family and friends and telling them that you don't have any choice in making a decision.
  • Isolation: This includes blocking or monitoring their telephone calls, telling them where they should or shouldn't go, preventing them from visiting their relatives and friends.
  • Breaking Faith/Trust: This comprises lying to your partner/spouse, keeping important information from them getting jealous for no significant reason, betraying their trust and resorting to infidelity and breaking
  • Harassment: This includes following them, checking on them, opening their mail, frequently checking who has called, mailed or telephoned them and embarrassing them in
  • Sexual Violence: It includes making use of force, intimidation or threats for making the victim perform romantic or sexual acts or to have sex with you at a time when they don't want it.
  • Threats: This includes making angry and violent gestures, making use of physical size and physique for intimidating them, shouting at the victim, destroying their possessions, punching walls, breaking things, threatening to harm or kill them and the kids and wielding a gun or a knife.
  • Denial: This involves saying that the abuse did not take place and acting as the innocent person, crying or being gentle, begging to the victim in front of the public and asking for their forgiveness.
  • Physical Violence: This includes hitting, kicking, slapping, punching, biting, pushing, pinching, burning, shoving, strangling and pulling their hair out.

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