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Domestic Violence is Grounds for Deportability of Immigrants

The state of California realizes domestic violence offenses in several familial and intimate relationship scenarios. These criminal offenses are in relation to a California Penal Code that specifies a domestic violence crime against a current or former spouse, a current or a former cohabitant, a parent with whom he or she bears a child, or a partner whom the individual is dating.

Once a prosecutor has to defer the kind of domestic violence charge that suitably applies to an individual, the prosecutor, based on the severity and scenario, assesses numerous Penal Codes. By evaluating the extent of harm done to an individual and on the type of condition, the prosecutor takes a fact-based decision on the kind of Penal Code associated with domestic violence crime that is applicable on the individual.

If you are a non-citizen and have been convicted of domestic violence, stalking, child neglect or abuse and abandoning a child after September 30 1996, you may be deported! This has been permitted by the section 237, under the Immigration and Nationality act. Even if the person holds a visa or a green card, they are still viable to be deported for the crimes stated above.

This means that if a current or a former spouse, co-parent or live-in partner or ex-spouse who commits domestic violence against someone who is protected under the state or federal law is committing domestic violence.

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