Visalia DUI Stop and arrest


How to Make Through DUI Police Observations?

If you ever get pulled over by an officer and are investigated or arrested for DUI, here's what

you need to do.

  • Safely Pull Over: As soon as you are directed by an officer to stop for DUI, he will start making different observations that will be entered in his report. This report can have a huge impression on the results of your DMV hearing and trial. Hence, you need to be careful from the very When you are asked to pull over, you must look for a secure place to pull over and should stop the care properly. Make sure to avoid stopping it suddenly, driving inconsistently, or stopping at a dangerous spot as the officer will take note of all this things.
  • Avoid Making Abrupt Movements: Make sure to avoid making abrupt movements when you are stopped as the officer will be approaching you from the back and will have a gun on In case of a sudden movement, they might shoot you as they have the right to safeguard themselves first.
  • Be Courteous: Remember to be polite when an officer talks to you. If you are rude, he might become hostile and will do all in his might to arrest you. Do step down when he asks, so he doesn't charge you with a resisting
  • Be Honest: Do not lie when the officer asks you regarding your alcohol However, if you are worried that you might make yourself look guilty, then just tell him that you are recommended not to give answers to such questions.
  • Refuse to a Field Sobriety Test: There is no legitimate compulsion for you to undergo a field sobriety test. It depends on you whether or not you want to pass it, and passing it will not make the officer arrest you unless he has a logical
  • Decline a Breathalyzer: The hand-held breathalyzers used by police officers are extremely unreliable, so it is best for you to refuse using
  • Undergo a Chemical Test: It is best to opt for a chemical breath or blood test. If you refuse to use the breathalyzer, you have the legal obligation to take any of these tests at the police station. DUI attorneys often advise their clients to undergo breath tests as they are undependable, so their soundness can be easily attacked in the
  • Make Notes after You're Released: After you have been released, you should make notes about everything related to that Your notes should include the place you were and the things you were doing before driving, amount of alcohol you drank, the behavior of the officer, the instructions he ordered you, your behavior with him, the duration of the observation, the place you were asked to stop, when and whether or not the officer read you your rights, which tests you took and the time you underwent a chemical test.

Get in Touch with a Lawyer: After you have been charged, you need to contact a good lawyer who can defend you and battle for your legal Following these steps can help you get out of this turmoil with ease.



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