Getting a fresh start - Expunge your record

Expunging your Criminal Record

Attorneys from the Law office of Christopher Martens can help you get an expungment of your case for convictions in Kern County, Kings County, Tulare County, or Fresno County. This includes courts in Hanford, Visalia, Bakersfield, Fresno courts.

Why would you want an expungment? An expungment of your record is in the simplest terms a second chance at a clean record. Under Penal Code 1203.4 and 1203.4(a) Give the court the authority to dismiss your case if your have complied with all the terms of your probation or if there is other good cause to dismiss your case.

Under Penal Code 17, if your case was a felony your case can be reduced to a misdemeanor before being having your case dismissed.

If your case is expunged it becomes and arrest that did not end in conviction. Legally you can say that you have never been convicted of a crime. You can also make a petition to have your arrest record sealed and the police reports surrounding your convictions redacted.

Do you qualify for an expungment? If you have complied with all terms and conditions of your probation and have paid all your fines and fees have been successfully terminated from probation than you most likely qualify to have your case expunged.

Our office has successfully helped clients in Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia, Hanford and many other communities in the Central Valley get a fresh start. Call us to day for a free consultation to determine if you meet the qualifications for your fresh start.

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