How to Get a Driver's License?

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How to Get a Driver's License?

You can apply for your driver's license if you are aged 16 or above. Prior to getting a driver's license, you will need to get a learner's permit from an office of the Department of Motor and Vehicles {DMV.) Prior to visiting an office of DMV for applying for a learner permit, it is better to thoroughly go through the NYS Driver's Manual. Moreover, it is also a wise idea to take the different practice tests.

To get an efficient service, you should apply for a reservation online, prior to visiting a DMV  office. There are different offices of the DMV in Visalia, Delano, Hanford, Shafter, Porterville, Arvin and Reedley. Personally I love using the Arvin DMV.  317 Campus Drive, Arvin, CA 93203. They have the fastest service.  The Arvin DMV is even better if you can get an appointment. 

When you visit the office, you must take along an  evidence of your age and identity. You will  have to  show your original Social Security Card or Birth Certificate. Next, you will have to complete the Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card {MV-44.). You can take the vision exam at the office you are visiting.  You also have to complete a written exam which will be based on  the information provided in  the Driver's Manual. It is compulsory to pass this test. Make sure to bring the  learner permit  fees.

On passing the written and vision exams, you will be issued a learner permit which will be valid  for around five years. The permit's expiration date is dependent on the application date of the permit and your birth date as well.

If you are below eighteen, then your legal guardian or parent has to give his signature on the consent portion of the Driver's License Application or on the Non-Driver Id Card. It is not compulsory to bring your parent or guardian to the office. If you are 17 or above, or have  the form MV-285, then you don't need to have parental consent.

After you have obtained your learner's permit, you will need to complete a five hour pre-licensing program, or study a college or high school driver education course. You will need to  have sufficient driving practice for applying for your driver's license. If you are below 18 years      of age, then you need to wait for a minimum of six months for scheduling your road exam. You should start counting 6 months from the day you were granted your learner's permit.

Next, you need to get your road test scheduled, do it online. For scheduling your test, you need to have a legitimate learner's permit, have a certificate of a pre-licensing course {or should have a valid  Driver  Education Certificate.  You must also give your date of birth and Client ID Number as well. You should be aware of your area's IP Code and should  have a minimum of one vacant test available as well.

You need to pay a fee of two road tests. This fee is generally added  in the  ten dollar fee  you  paid for the application of your driver's license. If you are taking a road test to get a commercial driver's license (CDL), then you have to pay a fee of forty dollars. If you pass your road test, you will be provided with an interim license from the examiner. This will enable you to carry on with driving till you get a proper driver's license. You need to wait for at least two weeks for your driver's license which will mailed to you.

How to Renew a Driver's License?

To renew your driving license, you can either visit the local DMV office, or mail them. Make sure that you get it renewed promptly, so that you don't have to take the driving and written exams once again if you exceed the expiration date of your driver's license. To find out whether your license is revoked, suspended, expired or still valid, you could order a driver record from the DMV office in your state.

The rules regarding the renewal of your driver's license vary from state to state. If you are in New York, you will get a renewal notice of your driver's license about fifty days prior to the expiration date of your NY driving license via mail from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV.) For your ease, you can get your driver's license renewed a year before it expires.

If your license will expire on your twenty first birthday, then you will get a New York driver's license without the term ‘Under 21' written on it if you get it renewed within forty days or after forty one days of your card's expiration. The status on your driver's license will decide the procedure you need to opt for to get your license renewed.

  • Valid Driver's License: You can get your valid license renewed up to one year prior to its expiry, but not more than two years after the license gets
  • Expired Driver's License: If your driver's license has been expired for two years or a little less than this duration, you can get it If you exceed this duration, you will have to apply for it again and will have to take the written exam, vision exam and a pre- licensing study course as well.
  • Lost, Damaged or Stolen License: For renewing your damaged, lost or stolen driver's license, you would need to show your identity while renewing it.



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