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Bakersfield Child Endangerment Attorney PC 273(a)

Penal Code 273(a) PC Child Endangerment

Betsy was driving her car with her 9 year old daughter in the back seat. Her child was not in a child seat. Betsy made a sharp turn and crossed a solid yellow line.  She is spotted by the police. The Bakersfield police pull her over on Truxton Ave and cite her for child endangerment a violation of PC 273(a). 

“Penal Code 273a makes it a crime willfully to allow a child {in your care or custody) to suffer harm or to have his/her safety or health endangered. An example would be a mother who permits her boyfriend to beat her 6-year-old; or a parent who operates a dangerous meth lab in the same home where his/her child lives.”

The Child Endangerment Penal Code is present to protect a child from an abuse that may not leave a physical mark, yet is an abuse of emotional nature. This Penal Code is applicable if a child has suffered an unfounded pain of physical or mental nature, has been willfully caused or permitted to be injured or has been willfully caused or permitted to be placed in a dangerous scenario. Moreover, to apply the charges of this Penal Code, the prosecutor only needs to prove that the child could be physically harmed.

In case of a misdemeanor charge, you are likely to face:

  • Six months in county jail
  • $1,000 fine
  • Informal probation for four years
  • One year of child abuser's treatment counseling
  • A protective order served against you

In case of a felony charge, you are likely to face:

  • Six years in state prison
  • $10,000 fine
  • Formal probation for four years
  • A “strike” in accordance to California's Three Strikes Law

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