Could a Medical Condition Be Responsible for Your Recent Fresno DUI Charges?

We've talked in the past about how aggressive DUI defense attorneys strive to turn over every stone to look for potential strategies to fight back against life altering DUI charges.

Whether you stand accused of a simple misdemeanor DUI, after failing a field sobriety test at a Fresno checkpoint, and you now face charges per California Vehicle Code Section 23152; or police arrested you in conjunction with an accident on a Visalia freeway after you allegedly rear-ended someone and caused an injury, you know very well that you face serious punishments. In addition to jail time, license suspension, points on your driver's license, and spikes in your insurance rates, you can face the loss of your professional license, loss of respect in your community, mandatory alcohol school, and VERY STRICT PROBATIONARY TERMS.

How can you avoid GOING TO JAIL? What strategies might you be able to leverage to fight back against the charges?

The answer depends on the details of your case. But if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions, you might be able to develop interesting defenses to breath test charges. The typical breathalyzer test measures compounds on your breath to ascertain the amount of alcohol in your blood. But such tests can be thrown off for a variety reasons. For instance, when you have severe diabetes, you may suffer a problem called "ketoacidosis," during which you can produce compounds known as ketone bodies. Breathalyzer tests can register these ketone bodies as alcohol, even though they are obviously not. This factor can mean the difference between a breath test reading of 0.06 percent BAC (innocent of DUI) and 0.09 percent BAC (guilty of DUI and PRISON TIME in your future).

Mr. Martens will analyze the technical details of your breath test and fight hard to get your charges dismissed or pled down. He will aggressively battle on your behalf at Porterville Court at 300 East Olive Avenue in Porterville, California.