Don't Do Stupid Things After Your DUI Arrest That Could Get You in Even More Trouble

Getting stopped and arrested on a non-injury misdemeanor DUI count is awful enough – even this relatively minor DUI crime can lead to massive consequences ranging from the LOSS OF YOUR LICENSE to jail time to loss of your job to SKY ROCKETING INSURANCE PREMIUMS. But mistakes that you make in the hours and days after your DUI can actually vastly complicate your circumstances and lead to more jail time, stricter probations, and other nasty consequences.

Here are some dumb things that people do after DUI arrests that get them in more trouble:

  • Resisting arrest or taunting or harassing the arresting officer;
  • Driving away from a DUI check point;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run), which can be charged as a felony if you hurt someone in the accident;
  • Engaging in a self incriminating behavior after the police have read your Miranda rights;
  • Waiting way too long to retain an DUI attorney to fight back on your behalf;
  • Missing your automatic license suspension hearing and losing your license for no good reason.

You can't turn back the clock. If you did something stupid, said something dumb to the police, or engaged in awful behavior, such as driving away from an injury accident, what's done is done. But there is still time for you to avoid making additional mistakes. Don't engage in this fight on your own, because the stakes are just too high. Call attorney Christopher Martens to schedule a free consultation immediately.