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Fourth Time DUI Convict Within 10 Years in California? Welcome to a Felony Charge!

Posted by Christopher Martens | Nov 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

We've said it before; we'll say it again: California prosecutors do not take kindly to DUI recidivists -- people who commit DUI crimes more than one time.

Even first time offenders face jail time and other sundry punishments, which we've discussed at length in previous posts. But as you collect more and more DUI convictions over the years, your punishments increase in severity and become more diverse, as a rule.

For instance:

  • MORE JAIL TIME. A first time misdemeanor DUI might only land you behind bars for one or two days. A third time DUI – same exact crime – within a 10-year period could land you in jail for upwards of 180 days or longer, especially if you injured somebody or engaged in other bad behavior, like hit and run or resisting arrest.
  • More time in alcohol school. Your time is valuable; it's worth something. If you have to spend the next several months attending alcohol school in the evenings, that could throw off your plans and chip into your work time.
  • Additional fines and fees. Every new DUI you get, prepare for even steeper fines and fees -- including legal fees, because your case becomes more complicated the more prior DUI priors you have;
  • Longer license suspension. It's zero fun to lose your license, even for a few months. But try living without it for a year or even longer. The license suspension itself can change your life, transform your relationships (not in a good way) and potentially get you FIRED FROM YOUR JOB.
  • Other punishments. The court has a wide discretion to punish recidivists.

As much as you need to understand what you've done wrong, if you are facing a second or third charge, you need and deserve effective legal counsel. Get your life back on track and get control of your destiny by calling attorney Christopher Martens, who will fight aggressively for your rights and support you through this process.

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