On the Verge of Losing Your California Real Estate License Because of a Felony Charge?

You face a felony charge that could lead to the LOSS OF YOUR REAL ESTATE LICENSE as well as substantial jail time and other penalties. What can you do?

Perhaps you did break the law or at least engage in dubious activities, but maybe not to the extent that your felony charges suggest. Or maybe you accidentally broke the law or committed a crime of moral turpitude, because you stupidly listened to a trusted partner or superior. In either case, you need to think strategically, act ethically, and act swiftly to protect and preserve your rights and build an effective defense.

First things first, you want to understand the nature of the charges against you. What's true now, in your world? How much jail time could you face? What other punishments and sanctions could be in your future? Understand the timeframe. What steps do you need to take, when, and in what order, to battle back?

Only once you understand these two elements can you effective take smart action. Don't try to do this in a vacuum. Contact qualified lawyers who have experience defending California real estate brokers who have been charged with felonies and other crimes of moral turpitude. Our team can help. Mr. Martens can bring in experts to testify on your behalf and fight vigorously to clear your name, protect your license and help you stay out of jail.