Alcohol Education Classes

As part of your DUI sentencing, you could be ordered to take alcohol education classes geared towards DUI offenders. The length of the classes depends on whether or you a first time offender or you are a multiple offender. First time DUI offenders will have to take a minimum three months of classes, totaling 30 hours. First time offenders could face more classes depending on how high their BAC was. Second time offenders will have to take at least 18 months of classes. Third and subsequent offenders will have to take 30 months of classes. The programs for second and subsequent offenders also include counseling sessions, educational classes, community reentry monitoring and interviews. Three months of classes will cost you about $500 and rise in cost considerably based off of how long you have to take classes for. Classes focus on alcohol education but also on identifying and understanding the cause for the behavior. In this sense, it is meant to be not just educational but rehabilitative and include counseling. If you have been ordered to take alcohol education classes, be sure to take one certified in the state of California. You may also be ordered by the DMV to take classes to have your license reinstated. Call your local DMV to find out more about their requirements for taking classes after your license as been suspended or revoked. It is important you take the required courses and take them seriously. Missing too many classes or otherwise not fully participating will not result in a completion of the course. If you have questions about what classes to take and what to do to fulfill your sentencing requirements and have your license reinstated, contact an experienced DUI attorney who can watch out for your best interests.

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