DUI Sentencing Enhancements

Getting a DUI is hard enough; the fines, penalties and conditions of your sentencing are designed to severely deter recidivism. However, other facts about the crime could increase the severity of your sentencing even more. Things that aggravate your sentencing are called sentencing enhancements. While enhancements sounds like a good thing, for a DUI, they result in harsher penalties. California DUI sentencing enhancements include driving with a high blood alcohol content (BAC), defined by the state of California as having a .15 BAC or higher, driving with a minor under 14 years of age, speeding, refusing to take a chemical test that will demonstrate your BAC, causing an accident or bodily harm while driving under the influence and of course having any prior DUI convictions within the last ten years. While these all will aggravate your sentencing, whether or not the prosecution can prove you did any of these things and how the judge considers the facts means it is in your best interest to thoroughly understand DUI law in California and come to court prepared with a strong defense. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney help you with this can ensure you the best possible outcome.

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