What to Know Before Your Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing

You've been summoned to court for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order hearing. You may be nervous and don't know how to best represent yourself. Court hearings can be mysterious to many. The papers you were served with are very important and you must follow the directions to respond closely. Sometimes they aren't clear or you can't understand some of the terms you are reading. It's best to have an experienced attorney on your side helping you through this process but knowing these few tips can help you out in any situation in court.

  • Show up! If you don't, the judge can grant the order in your absence, leaving lasting effects on your life.
  • Come early. Arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your hearing will allow enough time to find your courtroom, get comfortable in the courtroom setting and inform the clerk of your arrival.
  • Practice makes perfect. Practice what you have to say about your case. In court, it pays off to be prepared, articulate, calm and steady.
  • Be honest. Never lie in court. Honesty and showing remorse for your actions are better than denying anything or pointing fingers.
  • Do not sit by, harass or try to communicate with the protected person. Your primary objective should be explaining clearly your defense in court and that takes a lot of focus.
  • If you have children involved in the case, seriously consider obtaining an attorney to help you. These cases can be more complicated and an experienced attorney will know how to best represent you, ensuring you the best possible outcome for you and your family.

In any case, having an experienced attorney by your side in a Domestic Violence Restraining Order hearing is a smart move. Restraining orders can have lasting effects on your life that may make you regret not trying harder to defend yourself in court.

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