What to Know if You Have Multiple DUIs

Getting one DUI will cost you time and money. Getting two or more DUIs will cost you significantly more time and money because in California, DUI sentencing gets harsher as you stack up offenses. Convictions will stay on your record for ten years and if you get another DUI during that period, you could face steeper fines and penalties than with your first DUI. With your second DUI, you will be required to complete a year and a half of DUI education classes, face up to a year in jail and license suspension of at least one year. With your third DUI, your DUI education program will last 30 months, you will face up to a year in jail and your license will be suspended for 3 years. With any DUI, you will have to complete SR-22 filing and possibly pay higher insurance rates in addition to hefty fines. The state of California makes subsequent DUI sentencing harsher to prevent recidivism and keep the road safe. Because sentencing for repeat offenses depend upon your first DUI, it is a good idea to have an experienced criminal defense attorney help you with your defense in court. The penalties get more and more severe every time you get a DUI so it is worth the investment to have an attorney take a look at yoru case and suggest possible defenses. If done expertly, they could save you thousands of dollars in fines, years of not having a valid license and several months in jail.

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