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Biden's DOJ's Application of the FACE Act isn't Too Keen with Republican Lawmakers

Posted by Sara Cooper | Dec 04, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Department of Justice has deepened their investigation on those who target abortion clinics during the Biden Administration.

Under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, lawsuits and prosecutions have been piling up since Biden had taken office as President, and even though the protection does apply to both ends of the abortion topic, charges have been placed on individuals who are against abortion.

Abortion clinics and anti-abortion facilities are both heavily focused on within the streams of violence and despair in the past years after the reversal of Roe v. Wade decided by the Supreme Court.  

According to news sources, the high levels of anger and threats have resulted in the DOJ bringing in 15 criminal cases under the Act with around 46 defendants since 2021. Those that were impacted are all pro-abortion except for one.

The Trump administration's DOJ brought five single-defendant criminal cases under the FACE Act, according to the same data.

The law had passed back in 1994, one that makes it a federal crime to physically obstruct, injure, or intimidate those who are giving or receiving “reproductive health services,” which include services related to pregnancy and abortion.

In addition, the law makes it illegal to damage property of abortions clinics, pregnancy resource centers, and places of worship.

Some groups believe however, that the Biden Administration only applies this law against opponents of abortion, claiming thousands of attacks have occurred more son by pro-abortion activists. Biden's DOJ has secured numerous FACE Act convictions according to court records.

Repeals have been suggested by the Republican Party and officials of the Catholic Church, stating that the law is unconstitutional and that there are other laws that focus on assault and vandalism.

"The Biden administration and the Democratic Party have been trying to pursue any avenue, and in many cases law-be-damned, to show that they're defending abortion and not defending the life issue," said Tom McClusky, CatholicVote director of government affairs.

The DOJ states on their website that its focus of the law is "not about abortions" and that it "protects all patients, providers, and facilities that provide reproductive health services, including pro-life pregnancy counseling services."

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