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Are You a California State Employee Arrested for a Felony or Crime of Moral Turpitude?

Posted by Christopher Martens | Sep 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

The people of the State of California entrusted you with responsibilities to the public good. But now you stand accused of a felony crime or a crime of moral turpitude.

You're at a pivotal moment in your career and your life. Will you go to jail? Will you lose your job? What special punishments might be in store for you, given that you're a state employee and that you have legal and moral obligations to California and/or to a local community or agency?

First things first, you need to get a grip on the situation. You need to understand your charges. You need to understand why you were arrested, what penalties you might face, and who else might have been involved in the crime, particularly if you were arrested for a complicated charge, such as embezzlement, healthcare fraud, money laundering or bribery.

Once you have all the facts on the table, you can find a strategy that makes sense, given your goals, the law and the strength of the prosecution's case against you.

There is ALMOST NO WAY you can figure out all this information yourself; and that's a very uncomfortable position. For instance, what if a fellow employee or coconspirator blames you for extra crimes that you didn't commit? What legal arguments could break the prosecutor's case against you… or at least create enough doubt to prevent the jury from convicting you?

You really can't answer these questions on your own. There is good news, however. Christopher Martens is an extremely experienced, relentless and aggressive criminal defense attorney who has worked with California State employees like you to fend off felony and misdemeanor charges. Call Mr. Martens and his team for a free consultation -- your freedom and career may depend on it.

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Christopher Martens

Bio Visalia and Bakersfield criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his life to helping those who have been accused of crimes or injured due to the negligence of others.


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