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Find a DUI Lawyer Who Has Gotten Actual Acquittals for Visalia DUI Clients

Posted by Christopher Martens | Sep 09, 2014 | 0 Comments

In theory, defending a DUI may not sound that hard, or at least not that complex.

For instance, perhaps police arrested you because you failed your field sobriety tests or because you failed a breath test at a checkpoint stop. Your situation seems straightforward. So you might be under the impression that you only need to put up token resistance to the prosecution.

But DUI defense takes skill, tenacity and experience. You may be just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Even seemingly simple cases have a not-so-funny way of evolving into complex matters. Subtleties can define or radically alter the DUI defense strategy. You need to answer diverse questions about your arrest and about your case in general:

  • Did the arresting officer violate your Constitutional rights?
  • What has your Visalia judge ruled in previous cases similar to yours?
  • Can you plea down to a wet or dry reckless charge?
  • Etc.

The Importance of Experience and Past Success

Would you ever trust a doctor who had never performed a surgery to use you as her guinea pig? Would you ever trust a realtor who had never sold a house to do a complex real estate deal for you? Probably not! For the same reason, you want to make sure that your Visalia DUI defense attorney has had experience getting acquittals for people just like you.

Our team charges a flat rate for the entire DUI case, including trial. Most attorneys make you pay extra or plead guilty, but that's not how we work. Retain an aggressive DUI defense team by calling us for a free consultation. We represent DUI defendants in Tulare, Kings and Fresno Counties and handle matters at Porterville Court in Porterville and Visalia Court in Visalia.

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Christopher Martens

Bio Visalia and Bakersfield criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his life to helping those who have been accused of crimes or injured due to the negligence of others.


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