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Want to Be a Nurse? (Hard If You Have a DUI on Your Record)

Posted by Martens & Brusseau | Sep 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

You have a keen drive to help people and improve others' lives and health as a nurse. Whether police stopped you or arrested you unfairly; or whether you did something that you instantly regretted (like smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel), you're terrified.

What could a DUI conviction mean for your license, your personal freedom, your self-esteem and your relationships? An arrest or conviction can IMPERIL YOUR NURSING CAREER, in the sense that it can preclude you from getting a nursing license.

Think about that.

And if you're a nurse already, the DUI can threaten your license and lead to job loss and all the problems that might cascade from a job loss.

We bring this up not to make you more stressed or anxious than you already are. However, far too many discussions online about DUIs sugarcoat the situation. They use vanilla language and undersell the potential problems. You need to know:

• Your career may be at risk.

• Your license may be at risk.

• Your freedom may be at risk.

• Your reputation in the community may also be at risk.

Sometimes, in life, bad decisions – or just bad fortune – spark positive changes that lead to improvement. You have a passion to care for people and make their lives healthier and better.

In order to protect that sacred mission, you need to take your DUI incredibly seriously and fight aggressively for another chance. Sick and ill people need your care.

Call Christopher Martens, an aggressive and well-respected California DUI attorney, to fight your case at Tulare Superior Court at 221 South Mooney Boulevard or elsewhere in the surrounding areas and counties.

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