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Court Ordered Payments

Posted by Christopher Martens | Mar 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Domestic violence related sentencing depends on the two things; the circumstances ofthe crime you committed and your criminal history. At a minimum, you can face a yearin jail and thousands in fines. As an alternative to jail time, sometimes you will be granted probation for a minimum of three years. Probation can come with stipulations that require the offender to complete certain actions in compliance with your sentencing. One such stipulation for a domestic abuse or battery conviction can be making payments to a battered women's shelter. Under California PC section 1203.097, the required amount can be up to $5,000. While this may seem steep, probation will save you jail time. If youhave other court ordered payments, like child support or restitution for the victim, and payments to a shelter would betoo expensive, you may not be ordered to make payments to a shelter. Most Californiacities have a local domestic violence or battered women's shelter and they are always in need of funds. If you have the resources available or could make payments, accepting probation can maintain your freedom but you have to follow the probation guidelines carefully. Probation, lasting for at least three years, can have many stipulations. It is a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney on any probation matters because violating your probation guidelines can have you facing jailtime and more fees and penalties.

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