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Factors in Calculating Your Blood Alcohol Concentration

Posted by Christopher Martens | May 06, 2015 | 0 Comments

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration, or BAC, is a measurement of how much alcohol is in your blood. It can be measured through a breath test with a Breathalyzer or by a blood test, one of which you a required to take if pulled over for drunk driving. DUI laws are based on BAC readings so it is in your best interest to become familiar with calculating your BAC. This is not just so you can avoid driving with a BAC higher than the California state limit of .08% but so you can understand what your defenses might be if you feel you are arrested for a DUI unfairly. If you know based off of rough calculations what your BAC is before driving, an inflated Breathalyzer reading could be questioned in court. Breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate without proper maintenance and usage and this is sometimes an effective defense in court when facing DUI charges. The basic factors that determine what your BAC will be after drinking are your weight, how many drinks you've had, what you were drinking and the time since you drank them. Your gender may also play a role; men have a body composition that will give them a lower BAC reading than women if all other factors are equal. Another major factor is how fast you are drinking or how fast the alcohol is entering your blood stream. If you are eating food while you drink, alcohol will enter your blood stream slower than when drinking on an empty stomach. Your BAC lowers over time if you stop drinking so slowing the alcohol entering your blood stream can ensure your BAC stays as low as possible given all other factors. Being informed on general BAC calculations and guidelines can help you decide whether you are safe to drive and also will let you spot any errors from BAC readings from law enforcement officers. If you aren't in tuned with your BAC levels when drinking, you are more likely to accept the BAC reading from a Breathalyzer when in fact you have every right to question it. If you are facing DUI charges and feel your BAC reading may have been inaccurate, consult an experienced DUI defense attorney to discuss your case.

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