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Domestic Violence in California: By the Numbers

Posted by Christopher Martens | Feb 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

It's All in the Numbers

Domestic violence offenses are aggressively prosecuted in California. California employs dedicated prosecution units to ensure every case is prosecuted and each and every guilty defendant is punished. While other criminal offenses aren't handled with this level of scrutiny, domestic violence offenses rarely slip through the cracks. And once a domestic violence case is opened, very little can stop it, even if the victim wants to drop the charges.

Many people ask why California is so harsh on domestic violence. When compared to seemingly more severe crimes such as homicide or gang activity, domestic violence may not seem that bad. But the numbers tell us otherwise.

Decades of research have shown domestic violence is a serious cause for concern. The effects of domestic violence can be very grave. It is not uncommon for a domestic violence incident to result in serious injury or even death. To better understand why California takes such a harsh stance toward domestic violence offenders, let's take a look at the toll it takes on our state and our country.

These are the numbers behind California's aggressive domestic violence prosecution:

  • About 40% of women in California experience domestic violence at one point in their lives
  • 40% of domestic violence reports made in California involved weapons
  • 75% of domestic violence victims had minor children living at home
  • Up to 5% of all homicides in the state were domestic violence related, in past years
  • 4,000 deaths due to domestic violence in the U.S. each year
  • 29% of violent crimes by lone offenders against women were domestic violence
  • 1/3 of women who visit emergency rooms are there because of domestic violence, and
  • 75% of these visits occur after a separation

With numbers like these, it's easy to see why California is so tough on domestic violence crimes. While these numbers may not represent the specific facts and circumstances of your case, these statistics can show you just how important it is to fight domestic violence charges. Many domestic violence reports are false, and it is not uncommon for innocent people to be convicted of a crime they didn't do. That is why it is so important to challenge false accusations and fight unfair charges. If you don't fight your charges, you risk becoming a part of a statistic because the system is designed to aggressively convict and punish domestic violence offenders.

Facing domestic violence charges can be intimidating. Given the above numbers, you may see why it's never safe to bet on the judge going easy on you. It is always best to seek knowledgeable legal counsel and prepare well to defend yourself against your charges. If you are convicted, you face sure and swift punishment and a criminal record that will follow you the rest of your life. Domestic violence convictions trigger a red flag for potential employers or landlords, meaning you could face adversity on the job or rental market the rest of your life. This is not something you want to risk. A good domestic violence defense attorney will know this and help you identify any weaknesses in the prosecution's argument so you can effectively fight your charges.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, speak with a California criminal defenses attorney about your case. An experienced attorney in your area can evaluate your case facts and advise you on your options for resolving your case. It could be that you have a strong defense you can raise or leverage mitigating factors to reduce your sentence. Attorneys with experience in domestic violence defense specifically can give you the best chance at a fair and favorable outcome in your case. A domestic violence defense attorney knows how these types of cases are prosecuted and can use that knowledge to your advantage. Such an attorney can also give you an idea of how cases similar to yours have turned out.

If you are in the Tulare, Fresno or Kings County area and have questions about fighting domestic violence charges, call experienced domestic violence defense attorney Christopher Martens today for expert counsel. At The Law Offices of Christopher Martens, we can help you take the steps you need to face your charges confidently. Attorney Martens has over ten years of criminal defense experience and will fight hard for your rights. Contact our Visalia or Hanford, CA offices at 559-967-7386 or email us at [email protected] to discuss a possible plan of action for your case.

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