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Generative AI and its Required Progression in State Government - California

Posted by Sara Cooper | Oct 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California, has approved an executive order that would have the state's government become more invested with artificial intelligence despite its criticisms. Now, the higher education system in California is being relied in how to navigate this.

“We're neither frozen by the fears nor hypnotized by the upside (of AI),” declared Newsom. If the government doesn't take initiative on how to approach the technology, state agencies are basically helpless on how to move forward with the executive order.

AI is basically a collection of tools that take out certain patterns that derive from data, including the internet.

The executive order is centering in on “Generative AI,” where it uses big demonstrations to create images, texts, and audio.

ChatGPT, a language model that is based on AI, offers responses to questions of human thinking in different styles such as coding and email messages. It is a popular tool.

Generative AI is a risky model that has harmed technology, including giving out confidential information or even biased responses that has impacted people in their real lives.

The executive order urns more than seven pages, with many requirements for the state government: State agencies have to compile a report on how they should use Generative AI to assess the technology's threats to energy infrastructure; to consider Generative AI pilot projects for service delivery; to conduct an inventory of “high-risk uses” of Generative AI; and to train state employees on AI skills.

An issue here however though is that there isn't enough technical support from those that work in government to actually pull through with this plan. This is a basically a last priority that the government has put behind for many years, and those that go into the government do not have a big expertise on Generative AI. One report had results that showed that three-fifths of recent AI PhDs go into the private sector, a quarter go into academic positions and less than 2% consider a career in the public sector.

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