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How to Hire an Attorney for your DUI case

Posted by Christopher Martens | Feb 01, 2024 | 0 Comments

Questions to Ask

Take a look at five extremely important questions that you must ask an attorney while interviewing him, so you can get in touch with a reasonable lawyer.

For how long have you been practicing law?

This question is extremely important to ask as it informs you about the experience of that particular attorney. If he hasn't been practicing law for a very long time, you should reject him and opt for a more seasoned one. The more an attorney has experience in the field of law, the better command he will have on this subject, and the better he will be able to deal with your case.

How many times have you represented people charged with DWI offenses?

This is another important question that helps you know the number of times that particular attorney has represented people charged with DUI offenses. If an attorney has been practicing law for a long time, but has no experience in representing DUI offenders, then it is better to look for another. Your attorney must have sufficient experience in dealing with DUI cases, so he knows how to handle them and defend the charges presented against them in court.

Have you ever handled a case similar to mine?

Make sure to ask this question to every attorney you visit. This will help you discover whether or not that attorney has ever represented a similar case in court. An attorney without any experience in this field would want to take your case, so he can get experience. However, this would not be suitable for you and could reduce your chances of winning the case. Hence, make it a must to opt for an attorney who has dealt with cases similar to yours, so he can handle your case with maturity.

Have you taken any case to trial?

Do ask all the attorneys whether or not they have taken DUI cases to trial. This is essential to know, so you can find out whether or not the attorney you are considering has some experience in handling cases in jury trial. There is a good chance that your case would have to undergo jury trial, so you should select a lawyer who can defend your case aptly in trial and make the jury decide in your favor.

What problems do you observe in my case?

While interviewing an attorney, do ask him about the challenges he observes in your case. This will help you come across the potential problems related to your case and its outcome. This information will help you become aware of all the challenges you could face, so you can prepare yourself accordingly. Make sure that you opt for an honest attorney who informs you of all the issues related to your case so that you aren't misguided and don't have any false hope regarding your success.

Do you work with a team and if you do, then what are their qualifications?

Normally, lawyers work with a team that handles their paperwork and documents. It is possible that the attorney you are opting for works with a team, so you need to know in detail about it. Ask about the qualifications of his team members and their experiences in handling DWI cases. It is most likely that the team of that lawyer will prepare your case, so you need to select an attorney who has a seasoned team and can prepare a sound case that can increase your chances of victory.

How much do you charge and what are all the expenses related to your service?

Make sure to ask the attorney you are considering about his service charges, so you know whether or not you can afford him. While it is important to select a good attorney, you must not ignore the affordability factor.

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