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Kevin McCarthy Removed From Speaker of the House

Posted by Sara Cooper | Oct 04, 2023 | 0 Comments

Kevin McCarthy is no longer the Speaker of the House, and the first to be removed this way.

The final vote was 216-210 in favor of a motion to "vacate the chair." Eight Republicans, led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, joined all Democrats present in voting against McCarthy.

According to news sources, the congressman will not be running again for speaker

"I leave the speakership with a sense of pride, accomplishment and yes, optimism," he said. "I will not run for speaker again. I will have the conference pick someone else."

Disagreements were not opposed by McCarthy, especially by his own political party.

"I do not regret negotiating," McCarthy said. "Our government is designed to find compromise."

It seems like it's hard to keep up with what Congress is doing or what has changed on the inside, from needing to vote for a new speaker now to trying to agree on a national budget. An alternative nominee has not even been in discussion yet.

This was one of the biggest yet more randomized time for Congress, but it wasn't just a “one and done” situation. It was a period of 15 rounds that got McCarthy to become Speaker of the House earlier this year, and moving fast forward, many politicians of the Republican Party blocked his making of passing a bill to make some spending to prevent the government shutdown from happening.

Rep. Patrick McHenry, the chair of the Financial Services Committee, is the substitute speaker or known as speaker pro tempore until a permanent one is elected.  

A candidate forum will be held next week and voting will start soon thereafter.

Gaetz, a controversial leader of the Republican Party, has always been on the side as an enemy towards McCarthy since his candidacy this year, responded with how he has not “fulfilled his promises” to conservatives.

After the vote to remove McCarthy, Gaetz told reporters that this move "represents the ripping off of the band aid, and that's what we need to do to get back on track."

McCarthy wasn't swell on the decision but moved forward with the resignation along with a meeting with other Republicans on the same day.

"If you throw a speaker out that has 99 percent of their conference, that kept government open and paid the troops, I think we're in a really bad place," McCarthy told reporters in the Capitol Tuesday morning, according to NPR.

Updates to come. 

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